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There are a lot of kids and parents that want to get into tabletop games but find them to be overwhelming and complicated. Beasts and Basements is a Tabletop RPG that is easy to play and appropriate for all ages. It focuses on creative problem solving and social learning as the players team up and adventure together, helping out troubled beasts and navigating tricky basements.  You will be playing with your family, friend group, or classroom for years to come!


Players will join the ranks of the Hero's Club and jump right into the adventure. They will meet colorful characters, use their skills and creativity to solve problems, level up using gratitude tokens, and most importantly, find some COOL STUFF! 


Collect all kinds of awesome Items, Pets, and Spells on beautiful full color cards!

For example, if you want to lift up an injured Penguinbear and carry it to safety, you might need to make a Strongness roll. 

If you want to jump over a pit filled with Tickle Spiders, you might have to make a Speedyness roll. 

If you want to convince a Bubble Dragon that it's high level Bubble Gust is causing problems for the city, you might have to make a very challenging Smartness roll.


You won't be able to solve all of these problems empty handed. You'll need to use your items, pets, and spells strategically to aid you in your journey.



Every action in the game is determined by rolling a die and adding your Strongness, Speedyness, or Smartness score. 

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I am a parent, Elementary Art Teacher, part-time Bubble Wizard, and founder of Vivid Wizard Publishing. I believe in the power of learning through play. I run game clubs with my students and see them not only learning complex socio-emotional skills but also basic math, reading, organization and more. 

Beasts and Basements started out as a homebrew game out of a spiral notebook that I wrote for my 3-year old. I was amazed to see him learning how to treat others with compassion and solve problems in complex ways. He loves the game so much and wants to play it all the time. 

I shared a bit of what I was doing with the internet and was met with an overwhelming response. People have been telling me by the thousands that they want something like this for their family, friend group, or classroom. It's an honor to be able to share this beautiful experience with a wider audience and it feels good to know that I can help kids learn about creative problem solving, empathy, and so much more through the magic of gaming. 

I have been teaching Art for 8 years and have focused on Character Design and Game Design for decades. This is such an exciting project to work on, I can't think of anything that I am better suited for.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone supporting this project. To be able to teach children through art and games is truly a dream come true. More than anything, I want to repay everyone's kindness and generosity with a game that will continually provide unforgettable experiences for you and your young ones, and hopefully show the younger generation how to help more, love harder, think creatively, and join our lifelong membership of the Hero's Club.

Join the party!

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